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Innovation Hub at Northwood School


“这项对阿迪朗达克公园居民和学生生活的投资将架起桥梁, projects, and people, and provide a sustainable and positive impact on the region for generations.”  - Tom Broderick, Associate Head of School for External Affairs

“The Main St. 地理位置建立在博天堂官方的历史和使命的优势之上,博天堂官方的使命是培养年轻人成为创新解决方案以应对全球社区挑战的领域的领导者. 该设施将使整个社区受益,从当地学生到我们地区的客人.” - Michael Maher, Head of School

博天堂官方致力于卓越的学术规划,现在扩展到一个渐进的9,000+-square-foot facility in downtown Lake Placid. The flexible, open classroom and event space is a center for real-world application, 创造性思维和社区协作为所有博天堂官方网站的学生提供了一个现代学习的中心.

Igniting the Intellectual Pursuits of Boarding School Students

At Northwood, 我们相信在地学习的好处,作为这一承诺的延伸,创新中心的核心功能是促进合作, engagement and partnerships, capitalizing on the shared knowledge, innovation and creativity within our community. 博天堂官方的创新中心提供包括课后活动在内的辅助项目, weekend, summer, guest lectures and professional development to ignite the intellectual, cultural, and professional pursuits of our boarding school students.

Preparing Boarding School Students for the Future

As an extension of Northwood’s main campus, the Innovation Hub at Northwood School provides the space, tools, 和学术课程,磨练现代世界的知识和经验,国家的顶尖大学和雇主最看重的. With the addition of this new space to the Northwood School experience, 我们的毕业生将更有能力和装备,自信地过着有意义的生活.

Its extraordinary location rooted in the Adirondacks, 结合学校高素质的教师和多样化的学术课程,我们的目标是提供创造自信的体验, 具有全球意识的学生随时准备创新和适应我们不断变化的世界. 

Learning at the Innovation Hub in Lake Placid, NY

Programs like Robotics, Innovation & Design, Entrepreneurial Studies and LEAP (Learn, Engage, Apply, Perform) will expand with the addition of this new facility, 允许博天堂官方提供强调主动学习的跨学科教育方法, making, and risk-taking and challenges students to become resilient, independent thinkers.

跨学科的方法意味着学生们不会一次只学习一门学科. 相反,他们通过历史、科学、文学等多种视角来看待一个主题. 反映了许多大学的学术转变以及现代职场的需求, 跨学科学习为学生提供了对各种主题更深入的观点,并帮助他们培养批判性思维技能. 

Exploring and Collaborating in the Makerspace

The Innovation Hub also hosts a Makerspace where students can experiment, take risks, and explore their ideas in hands-on ways. 这种创新的学习方法让学生在自主和协作学习中信任自己和自己的指南针. 

In the last decade makerspaces have exploded across the country, 我们很高兴为我们的学生提供工具和资源,否则他们可能无法在专业实验室环境之外访问. Engaging with other students, local citizens, alumni, and scientists in the makerspace provides a variety of benefits including:

  • Learning how to innovate
  • Solving complex problems in hands-on ways
  • 把书本上的概念转化为现实世界的应用
  • Embracing "failure" as a critical and necessary part of the learning process
  • Creating resiliency
  • Exposing students to new ideas
  • 让学生与高科技机械、工具和科学专业人员一起工作
  • Building critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Future-proofing students by enhancing skills such as flexibility, collaboration, adaptability, leadership, and initiative

Supporting the Innovation Hub at Northwood School

The $2.博天堂官方校友的早期慈善支持为这个转型项目提供了500万美元的资金, families and friends. 这项对博天堂官方网站学院创新中心发展的财政承诺体现了慷慨的捐助者对我们的使命的持续支持,我们的使命是在一流的设施中提供多样化的学术课程.

With the visible Main St. facility, 博天堂官方网站的校友将对他们的学校感到更加自豪,并享受通过校友支持的项目和在这个新地点的合作与现有学生联系的机会. 

For more information on how you can support this initiative, please visit the Northwood Giving page 或致电(518)302-5138与我们的发展副主任Stephanie Colby联系.



To learn more about the Northwood School experience in general, or the Innovation Hub in particular, please contact us today. 我们是全国最多样化的寄宿学校之一,我们渴望欢迎好奇的人, independent-minded scholars, budding scientists, artists, and athletes to our close-knit community. 

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